RESC's Mission


Mission Statement

RESC was founded with the mission to deploy cutting edge utility scale sustainable and green technologies to enhance the electric grid by identifying opportunities where renewable generation and energy storage can be integrated and optimized. RESC has the following goals:

  • To provide utilities and commercial customers alternatives to battery technology,
  • To integrate firming services for the daily supply and demand imbalances that exist on the grid,
  • To provide customers with dispatchable renewable energy and a sustainable pathway to achieve 100% renewable energy goals,
  • To leverage existing and novel technologies to reduce technology risk.

Action Plan

 In order to fulfill the goals set forth in the mission statement, RESC aspires to:

  1. Work with utilities in US electricity markets where the highest proportion of wind and solar resource development is currently planned;
  2. Engage the most progressive commercial and industrial electricity users (Google, Amazon, Microsoft, Facebook, Walmart) who are aspiring to 100% renewable energy usage
  3. Raise capital from equity investors $7.5M funding goal and use this to pursue predevelopment marketing at 5 sites
  4. Raise capital from equity investors for $18M pilot project that will be necessary to demonstrate the scalability of the technology.
  5. Secure commitments from utility and commercial & industrial customers via Power Purchase Agreements (PPA) and Request For Proposals (RFP);
  6. Use the RFP and PPA contracts to reimburse the equity investors