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Matt Telfer - CEO

An experienced geologist and entrepreneur, Matt has built numerous successful businesses and led capital formation for various enterprises. He has extensive project management experience in pipeline and oilfield development, boasting over 40 years experience in energy  development and a wide-spectrum of contacts. He is also an AAPG Distinguished Lecturer focusing on the energy trends of the future.

Sam Allen - President and COO

Sam has 38 years of experience as a geoscientist, having graduated with a master's degree in geophysics from the Colorado School of Mines in 1987.  During his many years of domestic and international oil and gas experience, Sam was successful in siting a natural gas storage and CAES site in 1995.

Rich Weber - VP Business Development

 Rich is an entrepreneur and business development professional with over 25 years in energy industry as an operator and vendor. He has led geoscience projects through their conception and development and has extensive experience in the application of analytics to petroleum exploration and development.

Elias Stallard-Olivera - VP Analytics

 With 5 years of trading in experience in wholesale energy markets and subsequent experience as a researcher and analyst in renewables and energy storage, Elias has cultivated a breadth of contacts in the sustainable and renewable energy spaces.  

Art Gelber - VP Commerce

Art is President of Gelber & Associates and Vice President of RESC. Gelber & Associates is an energy advisor to consultant in the energy trading international in scope, beautique in size. Prior to Gelber & Associates, Art was employed at ConocoPhillips in areas including Exploration, Production, International Crude Oil Trading, and Refinery Operations. Before ConocoPhillips, he was engaged in oil & gas resource evaluations for Gulf Oil and Mitchell Energy & Development Company (now Devon). Art has a Bachelor’s Degree from Colorado College and a Master’s Degree from Rice University. 

Eric Fishhaut - VP Technology and Marketing

Eric Fishhaut is an IT Entrepreneur with multiple successful exits via acquisitions, who now provides advisory and mentoring services to businesses from startups to enterprises.